Computer Force - PC Repair Centre (Newcastle Upon Tyne)

PC Repair Centre (Forest Hall, Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Our fully-equipped repair centre is purpose made for diagnosing and repairing all types of IT problems.

With a continuous staff of qualified engineers and a well earned reputation for quick, reliable service, the repair centre is a popular option offering outstanding value to customers.

To have an issue resolved at our repair centre, simply bring us the equipment in question (at any time) and we will provide an estimate of the cost and timescales, and discuss with you the options for resolving your problem.

We're more than happy to provide free advice and quotation - so if you're unsure about the possibility of repairing your computer or laptop, always ensure to let us take a look at it first.

In addition to this, our stock of every-day items such as ink cartridges, cables, memory, blank CD's, etc, offer a convenient option for customers requiring these items.