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About Us

Computer Force Ltd was incorporated in January 2003 by the founding directors Richard Hammond and Paul Hodgson (pictured right) with the objective of offering a range of IT support and development services to businesses and public alike, in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Utilising a wealth of practical experience and formal qualifications, the business was first owner-operated as a door-to-door service. Demand grew throughout the first two years and lead naturally to a permanent presence being established at our suburban office in Forest Hall.

At this stage the emphasis of the business was on IT services to other businesses, and this continues to remain the core of Computer Force. However, persistent and ever-increasing enquiries from members of public lead naturally to our move in 2005 to a hybrid retail/office property, on Station Road North (Forest Hall) from which we currently operate.

From the shop and offices on Forest Hall’s Station Road North we continue to offer prompt, dependable repair services to members of public as well as a reactive, personal-touch support service for regional businesses. Our small team of skilled and well equipped staff now caters for the needs of clients from Blyth, to Hexham, to Team Valley, and our repetoire of technology related services and experience continues to expand with the business.